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DS 18 ft Skiff

18ft Skiff sails from DS

Dynamic Sails 18 foot Skiff

  • No 1 Rig Mainsails in two options, Panelled or String options, both using Technora and Carbon yarns to lock in the designed shape, optimised for lower wind speeds, this rig is to get you powered up in the lower wind speeds, remaining competitive when the sea breeze fills in, our close match to mast makes the leech stand up yet the foil flattens off and twists with small adjustments to kicker and downhaul.  Balanced helm and easy handling makes speed on tap.

  • No. 2 Rig optimised for 12 knots wind speed and above, this may be the widest wind range available in the 2 rig, gets you three stringing in 12 knots and with small adjustments in downhaul goes up the wind range through to all out Skiff weather.  available in Panelled or string options using Carbon and Technora yarns.

DS are now onboard 3 18 footers in the uk, pulling all our sail development from i14/j70/Int Canoe and our own speed record of 38 knots.  The bits that are relevant to the Skiff we've included for the new 2016 shape.  New construction is custom layup for the mainsail, Technora and Carbon options for the Jib and the trusty Dynakote for the kite.  This package is truly the top of the line for the Skiff, why not make it yours?

Mainsail remains quick to get 3 crew on the rack early, then easy to tune/depower going through the building breeze.

Jib now available in Panelled or String options with a new entry/exit angle to smooth the flow between the jib and mainsail slot, something we've developed in the i14 and able to share with the 18ft Skiff.

The asymmetric kite is a whole new shape for 2016, a sail we developed for the i14 and J70 these are quick, lower and same speed, which does make you look like a tactical genius on the run!

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Dave D your sailmaker/designer



We are now using the top of the range design software that allows us to produce the same design to the millimeter every time! 

Sail panels are computer cut by professionals and this means you can be sure you're using exactly what we are!

Sails are then hand built in the sail loft in Emsworth to my precision standards.

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