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DS have current fast designs for the Flying Fifteen

During Fed week 2013, Dave Dobrijevic and his wife Rachel teamed up the race the ff. With new sails straight on the pace, and after a couple of tweaks, we found them faster than others, particularly down wind, placing us with the leaders and finding ourselves being covered closely sailing to windward. The experienced teams gave positive comments on our boat's speed and the sails. With a relatively lightweight crew, the sails were easily trimmed and never felt overpowering. We hung in with the heavier teams on the beat. When left clear air, we could pace very well, then providing a challenge to keep up with down wind, particularly on the reaches.

Our aim is to produce the finest sails possible within the Flying Fifteen Class rules, using the highest specification materials and design your sails will be the best available! Your sails are made in Emsworth at our sail loft by championship winning sailmaker Dave Dobrijevic

Over the winter months Dynamic Sails have invested many weeks developing the new Fifteen sails to the new deisign. Every detail has been thouroughly thought through to improve on the various sails availible

  • Flying Fifteen Mainsail crosscut Dacron
  • Flying Fifteen Jib Crosscut Dacron
  • Flying Fifteen Dynakote Spinnaker
  • Upgrade to radial available 
  • Tried and tested shapes, instant speed 
We are now using the top-of-the-range design software that allows us to produce the same design to the millimeter every time! 

Sail panels are computer cut by professionals and this means you can be sure you're using exactly what we are!

Sails are then hand built in the sail loft in Emsworth to my precision standards.

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