Dave Dobrijevic, started out sailing and racing in cadets, having an understanding of how these boats sail is part of the reason DS sails are creating new and fresh sail shapes for the Cadet,

DS sails are easy to set up and get the boat going fast straight out of the sail bag

Race winning performance, some races have been won by minutes using DS sails

Don't follow the norm for sails try another faster option!

Please call Dave at the sail loft on 01243 374495 or email if you want to try the new latest shapes!

DS Cadet Downwind set up

Cadet Options for 2015

Cadet Spinnaker bags

We have new cloths on offer for 2011. Including RS dacron range from Contender a firm finish with small ripstop square producing the fairest shapes available and holding shape for a extended cometitive life


  • Mainsail RS  
  • Jib RS  
  • Spinnaker Lite   
We don't hand-cut our sails, instead we have invested in top of the range design software that allows us to produce the same design to the millimeter! Sail panels are computer cut by professionals and this means you can be sure you're using exactly what we are!

Sails are built in our sail loft in Emsworth, to my precision standards.